Ultralight aircraft SP-30

Spectr SP-30 is a 2-seater ultralight aircraft with single engine propeller in weight category of less than 500kg. Engineered on the base of flying standard JAR-VLA, SP-30 is manufactured in Russia using Austrian engine Rotax 912 ULS. Field of usage: Educational purposes (highly suitable for teaching to fly aircraft, corrects most learner's mistakes), Aviation-chemical works in farming (crop dusting, spraying fields for weeds, pests, insects, growth regulators, aerial sowing etc.), air patrol, air surveillance.

SP-30 in Australia

Identifying characteristics of the plane: cross-country based, short flight-strip, treatment of small fields of complex configuration, mobility, precision and quality of treatment with low chemical expenditure rate. Satellite navigation system, certified spraying equipment. Reinforced strength of the wing and empennage of the aircraft, wing panel has 12 wing ribs. Reinforced chassis and fuselage. This provides high level of safety, especially at landing, great for learners. SP-30 has improved empennage, stabilisator, keel is situated separately from rudder, rudder is suspended on keel nodes. This gives maneuverability, facilitates piloting.

Ultralight aircraft SP-30 has 3 different modifications: Standard, farmer equipped and training.
Installation of extra fuel tanks extends fight duration twice. Several modifications are posible by request. Directly from manufacturer, the most used budget small aircraft in Russia for chemical works and teaching. Distribution everywhere in the world.


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Spectr SP-30: English Speaking Representative: Australia, ph.: +61(431) 244-940; www.sp-30.com e-mail in english: smehatylka19@gmail.com
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