Advantages of crop dusting on SP-30

Air chemical treatment of Fields(crop dusting).

Types of air chemical works using method of ULVS (ultra low-volume spraying):
- weed control;
-protection of plants against pests and diseases;
-acceleration of ripening of crops.
SP-30 Aircraft:
Consumption rate of the chemical 4-5 l/hectare.

Ultra light aviation and ultra low-volume spraying is the most effective and productive way of cultivation of agricultural land. Our task, using a mutually beneficial commercial partnership on a long term basis, achieve high and effective results in the field of agricultural production.

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Crop dusting video SP-30

Main advantages of Ultra light aviation (comparison):

Air chemical works using airplane AN-2 or helicopters MI-2, MI-8 has a number of significant drawbacks. A major obstacle to the use of this type of agricultural aviation is power lines, separately standing on the treated areas trees, etc. In addition, this type of aircraft requires a runway. To reduce these disadvantages in air-chemical works, ultra light aircraft such as micro-airplane SP-30 equipped with low-capacity sprayer can be used.

Advantages of crop dusting works on grain and forage crops fields using small aircraft is as follows:
- the possibility of accident-free operation from poorly prepared fields, hedges and areas;
-does not require a signalman, a special take-off areas, departure outside of the treated area;
- does not cause the deterioration of ecological indicators of environment;
- compliance with the optimal timing of treatment in adverse weather conditions;
- low attitude - 1-2 meters above ground;
- release of subsidiary agricultural machinery on the farm in busy period on other agricultural works;
- takeoff and landing on the edge of the field.взлет и посадка на краю поля. It's possible to process small fields.

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Main technical characteristics
Exploitation limitations:

Maximum takeoff weight, kg


Maximum allowable flight speed, km/h


- in take off configuration 150


- in landing configuration 300


Non-exceeding speed (solidity conditions), km/h


Maximum operating overload


Minimal operating overload


Maximum angle of bank , degree


Maximum wind velocity for takeoff and landing, m/s
- headwind
- lateral wind (40 degrees)
- lateral wind (90 degrees)



crop dusting SP-30

Productivity of air chemical works:

During sowing of bio substances

360 hectare/h

During chemical works

150 hectare/h

Effective width


- for sowing of bio substances


- for ULVS


Medium working speed

90-100 km/h

Area treated during 1 flight


- for sowing of bio substances

250-750 hectares

- for ULVS

25-30 hectares

Maximum weight of refilled working liquid

100-120 kg

Accuracy of turning on and off of the sprayers

2.0 - 3.0 m

Preparation for re-flight

6 min

Fuel consumption

0.2- 0.3 l/hectare

Practical productivity with distance from station to field of 1-3 km and working liquid consumption of 3-5 l/hectare

100-60 hectares/h

crop dusting SP-30

Method of ULVS and LVS:

A cloud of small droplets provides a more uniform coating of the object, the chemical stays on leaves and steams, but doesn't reach the soil (in using traditional methods big and heavy drops roll down from the leaves to the soil). Особенность методики: However to achieve the results needed using ULVS equipment special temperature and wind conditions required.

crop dusting SP-30

The use of LVS equipment allows to up to 60 hectares per 1 sprayer refill and increase productivity to 40-60 hectares/h. The use of this equipment for air chemical works using Ultra light aviation raises the productivity up to 100 hectares per hour and more. The Royal Commission of Environmental Pollution (Great Britain) described important advantages of ULVS and LVS techniques and called for more research in this area, both by the government and chemical industry.

SP-30 with equipment for sowing SA-34

crop dusting SP-30

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